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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Scuba Diving

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Melissa Hale
7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Scuba Diving
Let’s get SCUBA Certified!” they said.
“It’ll be fun!”, they said.
There were no lies detected.

Our SCUBA junkie friends who are recruiting us are quick to tell us about the cool turtles and rays they saw and how badass divers are. Again, accurate.

Still, there are a few things that we wish we’d known before picking up this lifetime adventure sport of SCUBA diving.

So here are some things I wish someone had told me! Let us know if you agree.

Seven Things I Wish I Knew About SCUBA Diving

1. Instructor Matters. The instructor matters more than the certifying organization. Seriously. Divers get quite an organization loyal, and we are devoted to our beloved SSI, but the bottom line is that your instructor matters more. Look for an instructor who is committed to your safety first. Your instructor needs to know the material and be hospitable and patient. Doesn’t hurt if they have a bit of a personality, too. (No one likes boring. Bleh.)

2. Get Connected with a Local Shop. This is a big one, Kids. Find yourself a shop with some cool people and make friends with them. They plan the good trips and get you connected with other addicts divers! Not-so-shameless plug: Check for our upcoming regional dive trips here and international trips here.

3. It’s Addicting. (See above.) Caution: Diving is habit-forming. The sea calls us. Which is really secondary to the fact that no one else can call you while you are submerged.

4. Addictions Are Costly. It just is. Most people aren’t quite prepared for the sticker shock. Just remember, it’s the initial gear cost that’s a thing, other than the absolute gift of travel. Once you have you’re gear, you are much more likely to just pick up and go. Otherwise, it may suit you better to rent gear as needed. The downside: it’s not customized. But, listen. You do you, Friend.

5. Anxiety Is Normal. Nervous? You are about to get into the water at maybe 40+ feet deep and breathe air out of a cylinder on your back?! Of course, you are nervous! It’s unnatural! There’s going to be anxiety and even fear. You can do this. You should do this. It’s so worth it. Plus, it’s badassery. Anyone can play tennis. (All the love for tennis.) You are a DIVER.

6. You Possess a Certain Set of Skills. You can breathe without a mask on. YOU CAN. A regulator is all you need. Practice this skill. Equalize, equalize, and then equalize some more. Equalize your ears early and often. No need to fear the ears. Just listen to your body.

7. Dive Charters Can Seem Chaotic. They really aren’t. It just seems like that. Just focus on your gear and your buddy’s. If you need help, ask for it. If you feel nervous, call it what it is. You’ll be fine. Every single one of us has been on a boat for the first time. Even the guy yacking on about his eleventy-fourteen hundred dives uphill both ways. Even he had a first one. And he was probably a baby about it.

Well, this was fun! What would you add to this list?? Any one of those in particular surprise you?

We’d love to hear from you!

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