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Why Try Scuba Diving?

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Why Try Scuba Diving?

Why in the wide world of sports would anyone willingly go 60 feet underwater with a metric ton of gear on and a pressurized tank of air? To the place where the wild things actually are? What would possess a person with a sound mind (flying fast and loose with that) to go where there are eels and sharks and barracuda, oh my! (Some of us crazies actually like those critters.) Not to mention you jump off a boat and have to find your way back to it? {Really selling it hard here, aren't I?!}

Because it is AMAZING, that's why. Plus some other things. For some of us, it's one of those "it's just something I always wanted to do," kind of things. Others are just adrenaline junkies and want to do all.the.things. that stress their families out. I married a diver, so I got certified the same year I got married. 

So, for good fun, we conducted the most non-scientific survey in the history, of ever and asked "What's Your Why?".

Here's a few reasons we came up with:

Why Become a Certified SCUBA Diver?

1. FOMO. It's a thing. Here in our circle, of course, we have a lot of Scuba diving friends. The one or two people that don't dive can feel a little left out. They can sometimes snorkel or just ride along on the boat, but then, every one comes up with their underwater stories about the cute little fish (or big fish) they saw and there's a bit of FOMO. I know, I know, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, does that mean you have to?" I mean, depending on the bridge, maybe?! And I want to go first. Still, I don't want to you miss out on this. It's pretty grand.

2. It's oddly peaceful. It is so quiet down there. You just hear yourself breathing like Darth Vader. What you don't hear is a phone pinging you, no dogs barking (sometimes you can hear the Goliath Grouper), and no one talking to you. And if someone does try to talk, it's pretty funny. But, really. Enjoying creation in a way that is truly otherworldly. Pretty majestic.

3. Up Your Photography Game. No joke. Whether you're doing it for the Gram, for a canvas, or just for yourself, the pictures you can take are amazing. Sometimes it's impossible for a photo to do justice to an amazing spot, but sometimes- you get that money shot. There's even a photography class you can take. Capture the memories!

4. It's Physically Active. It keeps your body moving, Kids! Fun, peaceful fitness. Our hiker friends understand this. Our minds and bodies need outdoors! I don't make the rules. Bonus: You don't have to worry about seasonal allergies under the water.

5. It's Mentally Active. Just like diving keeps our bodies moving, it engages your cognitive side as well. And, I do not know the science behind this (tell me if you do!) but I have seen the most ADHD, unfocused individuals come into full hyper-focus in the water. Amazing. I mean, I know the ADHD brain can focus on certain things, but it seems to take on a calming effect. 

6. You Can Help Restore the Environment. You can be a part of the solution! There are tons of opportunities to do Clean Up Dives, Coral Restoration, Lionfish capture, and more. And it's all underwater! Yay for the Introverts!

7. You Get to Do What Few People Get to do. You really do. It pushes your boundaries, challenges you, and puts you in a community of baddies like none other! I love my dive buddies. They are so fun!

8. It May Lead to a Career. You never know! You can become a Scuba Professional

What about you? Why did you get into SCUBA or why do you think you might like it? What's your why??

We’d love to hear from you!

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